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with Ajna Light 
Come To Playa del Carmen, Mexico and Activate Your Pineal
"Like a full blown psychedelic experience with no drugs." ~ Chris
Experience a pleasant, joyful uplifting Light Treatment, while listening to music, and traveling your own inner consciousness. You will be delighted, blissed out and feel fantastic after your Light treatment. All you do is lay on our comfy massage table, enjoy the music in your noise cancelling headphones, and close your eyes and relax...

The LIGHT and your Pineal gland do the rest.

Ajna & Neuro Lights use pure white light, a Tesla plate and different frequencies to open and activate your very own Pineal Gland (Inner eye) and the DMT and other chemicals within you. All the color, patterns, and movement you will experience and see is not projected from the light... it is ALL YOU!

Profound feelings of joy, connection, peace and bliss combine with messages of light, the sense of connection to other realms, or Divine beings, sacred geometry and traveling through time and space are common experiences.

The colors and patterns shift and change throughout your The treatments are like an effortless meditation and will lift you above heavy emotions. You may feel freer, or more clear. You may have a deeper sense of inner peace or connection to your purpose or inner wisdom. You may come out of your session with a new outlook, new inspiration or new solutions.

Those expereined in sacred plant medicine journeies like Ayahuasca, LSD mucshrooms etc. will find this even more vivid and poweufl, with none of the usual side effects of nausea, hangover, vomiting, fear and so on.

Three recent clients had a large amount of experience in expanding their consciousness with these and other sacred plant medicines. Their comments were:

"I have never had such an immediate and vidid visionary experience!"

"That is the BEST TRIP (Psychedelic Visionary Experience) I have ever had... on ANY drug,!"

"That was so easy! I feel fantastic and was amazed at how vivid the colors, shapes and visions were."

Others comments include

"That was delicious!"

"That was like a party for my mind! I can't believe that was only white light - I saw so many colors! Even colors I have never seen before!"
Consciousness exploration and expansion - you will expand your senses and perceptions and each treatment up levels your awareness for you to continue to build upon.

Seeking answers, clarity or a breakthrough in what to do next or solve an issue in life or in mindset? Treatments expand your consciousness, bring messages and raise your brain waves to healthy and beneficial frequencies that release blocks and stress.

Ready to know your mission, your true purpose or feel a deeper connection to your higher self, inner guidance... then you will love this!

Looking for a wholistic healing for your mind, emotions and body? Light Treatments recalibrate your body's frequencies and remind it of what was optimal, so realignment to what is optimal for you at this time can more easily communicate within you.

Desire freedom from the past or limiting beliefs, fears or regrets? This experience is like freedom from outside influences and a deeper connection to source or your inner self. It brings a feeling of happiness and wholeness to any situation and will help align you to a higher frequency, which alone will relieve stress, fear, anxiety.
LightBody Healing
Ajna Light Treatment
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Light Technology Treatments Available:
Ajna Light
Neuro Light
Pyra Light
Nasal Light

Also available:
High Income Hypnosis
Past Life Clearings
LightBody Healings
Soul Purpose Journeys

The Ajna Light facilitates deep personal transformation in your clients, and supports all other forms of therapy. The Ajna Light uniquely offers iLST (intentional Light Self Therapy), a simple to use tool for creating personalized Light sessions for your clients in seconds. 

Many people experience varied altered states of consciousness during Ajna Light journeys. This reflects the client's own changing inner awareness. 

To talk to us or book an appointment email asst @ or Book your appointment here and get ready to have "the best meditation or trip I have ever had" - a mind and soul expanding psychedelic experience that heals and uplifts through light and frequency. NO drugs. NO Pukeing. Function normally (except for the BLISS you will be feeling) within minutes.
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See what our "Soul Family" (Students) says about Experiences with Nan!

Whoaa Nan these tools are AMAZING!!

So last night out of curiosity I tested my vibration and I was at 200. Then, something occured which I allowed to change my thinking and my attitude. Upon becoming conscious of this, I tested myself again and my vibration dropped down to 150! It changed that quickly!
This morning I did the flow chart and afterwards felt like my body was shaking subtly. I tested and I was at 200.
Then I did the gratitude infusion for about 10 minutes. When I looked up and looked around my room, the colors were a lot brighter and things seemed sharper - my eyesight improved!
I can really see the benefits of these tools and of Lightbody Healing. I'm excited for the future, this came into my life at the perfect time!
Thank you Nan for sharing this, and for giving me the opportunity to learn and use these life changing tools.
Jermaine SImpson

"Thank you so much, my life is changed completely from this course and your retreats.

This class was so powerful. The vibration of Acceptance! That’s huge!
I took time to write, immediately (even though my family usually is mad when I take time to myself). But this time I let go of my attachment to their reactions and wrote and talked with Thoth, and asked for my next step. The answer was beautiful. He told me to use my considerable skill at touching a (painful) memory to anchor a (lower) vibration and instead use a joyful or potent memory to anchor the vibration and state of my choosing.
Thoth told me to decide on a new state, that of loving kindness -- and to use that memory of embodying and flowing loving kindness to anchor it.

When I emerged, my daughter was very irritated. She snapped and complained and accused and argued. "I AM Loving Kindness," I said to myself. "I accept. I accept. I accept. " When I noticed an old story or reaction -- I felt it, in passing. And I heard Thoth saying to me again: use your intention and your focus to Decide on your new State. I just kept practicing my new mantras. In less than 10 minutes, she shifted completely, and we had a lovely evening together.
The weather is fine, here in the State of Loving Kindness ♡. Thank you so much, my life is changed completely from this course and your retreats." - Julie Ling

The healing helped me so much, I do not have any of the other issues others (with cancer) going through this has...

The healing helped me so much. I do the Infinity weave as much as I can and listening to the replay benefits me as well.
I am doing well with Chemo treatments and I am convinced it is because of all you and the Light Body healers are doing for me.
I do not have any of the other issues others going through this has and I am mentally positive, which I know helps my healing. I am grateful to each of you. Blessings.” -Karen Riordan
Who Is Akasha (aka Nan) - Founder of LightBody School?

"A Fairy Godmother..."

"I didn't want to live. Each breath was a painful reminder... my arms were empty, my heart in a million pieces, my daughter was dead. Then a book fell off a shelf into my arms... I opened it, and the light that kept me alive was revealed. I would not be here today if it were not for books. Stories of healing, hope and how to find your purpose in the dark pain of loss were my lifeline. Now I am on a mission to discover lightworkers, healers, and authors with stories that heal and the newest spiritual leaders who will take the reins from the Marianne Williamson's and Wayne Dyer's of the world."

Nan Akasha is a Powerful Intuitive Healer and teacher and Multi Dimensional Communicator who has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of what is blocking you. Called a "Cosmic Shaman, High Vibrational Healer and a Fairy Godmother in one", her Sacred Lightbody Work transcends healing and frees you to live your fully funded mission on your Soul's path. Nan's "Hogwarts for Adults" - The Mystic Arts Healing Academy trains LightBodyLightBody™ Healing Practitioners through a powerful Certification Course.

Using deep intuitive wisdom, she helps people through deep emotional transition and radical transformation. Nan has 28 years of mind, body, spirit, and money work, has built six businesses to the multi 6 & 7 Figure level and specializes in going deep to help you find your purpose, and then follow and prosper in your Bliss.

Nan is known as the “Secret Weapon” for breaking through any blocks by clients like Bob Doyle of the movie “The Secret”.  Nan’s intuitive “Xray Vision” can see your abundance, and purpose, and help you remove any obstacles to them, as well as reintegrate your Soul, and re-wire your mind and Spiritual Blueprint.

Nan Akasha is a born innovator, leading an emerging global movement to raise consciousness on the planet.  As co-founder of the award winning publishing and media house, BlissLife Press, Nan helps transformational authors start a movement, market their message, and attract media and readers, so they make a difference and grow a business aligned with their life mission. Sacred LightBody™ Healing Retreats -

As a spiritual teacher, energy worker and enlightened workshop leader she combines the practical and the spiritual... intuition and business, money and meaning. Drawing on her deep Shamanic training and "X-Ray Vision", her 30 years building businesses and her design and art background, she heads an international design and launch team with a fresh new style. This is why for over 10 years, Nan's clients have called her their "Fairy Godmother".

Featured in “Fast Company” magazine as a business leader to watch, Nan is author of seven #1 best selling books, one hundred thirty three audio programs, speaks on top stages and is passionate about combining purpose and philanthropy with healthy profits. "An event planner's dream" Nan brings "color, joy and her big heart" to the stage. Find Nan's books “Be Love”, “Already Rich: Secrets to Master Your Money Mind” and more like her course “Soul Channeling & FreeFlow Writing” at

Called once again to lead international retreats in sacred places like Egypt and at Mayan Pyramids, and to incorporate both lightbody work and healing with dolphins and sacred waters, Nan’s mission includes both virtual training and in person transformation.

You can enjoy Nan’s magic through her online courses, intuitive readings, meditations, books and one on one healing work, as well as in her global meditations and online community “Living the Light". You can find Nan's courses, like “Soul Channeling” or the international hit “Flip Your Rich Switch” with her signature High Income Hypnosis™ and Cosmic SHamanic Healings using LightBody™ Healings & Readings at

You can find Nan currently living the "Sandy Feet" lifestyle of a writer and free entrepreneur... a "BlissLife" - traveling the world - slowly. From the Mayan Riviera to the shores of Spain, Greece or Rio -  Nan is living life full out, spreading love and seeking the next transformational authors to launch with her Soulmate and co-founder Chris, while her beloved twins are on a college adventure.

 Important: We are not medical doctors and do not give any medical diagnosis or advice. In accordance with the FTC guidelines, we explicitly state clear that the client result emails we share are only the unique experience of that person. We do not and cannot promise you any specific results or that you will experience similar benefits from using our products. The generally expected performance of The LightBody Healing System, School or Infinity Light Weaving Program in regards to any specific disease or challenge has not been scientifically validated. We do not, and cannot make any promises in regards to any cure, timeframe or result.
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