LightBody™ LIFE School 2019 Presents
LightBody Energy Healing Retreat    
 in The Quartz Crystal Capital of the World - Hot Springs, Arkansas
July 13-16, 2019 Crystalline Healing - Energy Medicine - Angel Blessings
Learn & Experience the Newest Energy and Light Healing Methods and Become an  LIGHT LIGHT WEAVER and AMPLIFY Your ABUNDANCE CODES
BONUS: Infinity Light Weaving Course ($333) START INSTANTLY!
LightBody Healing
BONUS: Infinity Light Weaving Course ($333)
HEAL PURIFY & AMPLIFY YOUR NATURAL ABUNDANCE in Arkansas's unique geology of quartz, diamonds, magnetic lodestone, iron, limestone, and massive caverns. It has been the perfect incubator for the crystalline fields in the ground now awakening and hiding the Atlantean and Lemurian Power Crystals. 
LightBody Healing LIVE gives you a chance to Play and Heal in person and work with Crystals as You Receive LightBody Attunements and Activations
Each Day You will learn, receive and practice LightBody Healing & each day you will have a Crystal Experience.

 This Crystal Portal & Crystal Vortex of Arkansas has a Great Importance in the Awakening of the Earth and the New Golden Age and of your Soul Purpose and Natural Skills with Energy & Light

NEW MOON CRYSTAL GATHERING WALK Crystal Communication Attunement Then FIND & KEEP the perfect crystals Friends for you!
The Master Crystals& Crystal Kingdom Welcome You! 

I am so honored you are here and have heard the call within your heart to know more of the truth of who you are and to realign to the Crystal Wisdom you once knew, and create your life on purpose!

Are you Ready to learn the secrets to heal and align your body, mind, emotions and spirit with your Soul purpose and flow of abundance... all while bathing in crystal infused waters, amplified by the largest and purest crystal caves on the planet? 

LightBody School has partnered with BlissLife Retreats to bring you the very first LIVE LIGHTBODY WORKSHOP combined with epic spiritual adventure retreats which include unique experiences with nature and energy vortexes, sacred sites and waters, ceremonies and more. 

Combining sacred waters, and natural sites, crystal infused lands and natural healing mineral baths, you will heal, breakfree from old limiting patterns and beliefs, learn to sense and direct energies and purify your energy as it raises to the highest frequency of Love that is optimal for you at this time. 

LightBody school combines ancient wisdom with cutting edge science to create powerful and practical energy tools. I make the mysterious simple, and give you a life altering experience that awakens your Soul and (360) senses. I blend Universal truths, energy healing, sacred geometry and mysteries into practical energy tools, and multidimensional experiences so you can tune into your flow of abundance.  

Right now is the time to jump in, this is coming up fast and the opportunity to be a part of the group that attunes these auspicious crystal beds and reconnects the crystal portals will open doors for massive personal transformation that will impact your happiness, health, wealth and inner peace - AND the Earth's smooth transition. 

Need help understanding logistics or want more info? Email and we can find a time to chat! Your Life purpose, health, happiness and yes, even your wealth, depends on you becoming the master of energy flow. 

Crystal Healing and Love,

Akasha (aka Nan), CHT, DHOM, MM, KM, GM, LBHP
Fairy Godmother
Founder LightBody School, LightBody Healing, BlissLife Retreats, 
Day 1  LightBody Abundance Activations & PRIVATE Crystal Workshop & Crystal Grid Healings

We will begin the Day with Introducing you to LightBody Healing & Beginning our Abundance Attunement Process...
After Lunch we will go to a PRIVATE CRYSTAL COLLECTION for a workshop, Viewing, Shopping and Healing and Play with Crystal Grids of All Kinds! 
Arkansas is a CRYSTAL VORTEX 
with the Largest UnderGround Crystal Beds in the World and is a Key Emerging Crystal Portal for the Transition of Planet Earth Back to Oneness

(We will not be going into this Crystal Cave, this is an example of what will be under us in this sacred land) 
DAY ONE: PRIVATE CRYSTAL COLLECTION - workshop, healing, shopping and Crystal Grids! 
The Two Crystal Vortexes of Planet Earth are in Arkansas and Brazil.  The Arkansas Vortex (we will be in) has the greater influence in the Ascension and balance of the Planet, and on Humanity's Evolution to Equality and Re-embracing our Power & Knowledge of Vibrational Manifestation & Co-creation with all life.
This is Vital Portal You will help Awaken and Attune, and Receive the Attunement to the Crystalline Grid and Reprogram Your Cells and DNA to Activate Your Crystalline Life Force Transformation. 
The presence of magnetic metals in the crystal beds, and magnetic field generators made it easier for the majestic Atlantean crystals to be placed in a dormant state
The Crystals in the land, water, and lakebed, AMPLIFY your Healing, and Alignment with your Soul Signature Frequency and Purpose.
Be a part of Reconnecting the Atlantis Crystal Temple and Hidden Wisdom of Light and Crystal Technology to the Massive Crystalline Underworld in Arkansas. 
Soak in the Vibration of the Master Crystals that 'stored' here, and are "TURNING ON" Right Now, Assisting us All in Raising our Vibration and Aligning with our True Soul Purpose & Gaia with hers 
Day 2 Experience Crystal Communication & Gathering Walk 
After a Day of LightBody Healing with Crystals - we will SHOP at the local Crystal Mine and Go for a Crystal Walk where you can gather them directly from the earth!! We will clear, cleanse and align our LightBodies and then go for a Crystal Gathering Walk. After tuning in and opening a channel to the Crystals in the ground that are there for you, you will connect with the land and gather.
Experience Crystal Communication & Gathering Walk
Walk in a sacred vibrational state to find and keep the crystals that are a perfect vibrational match for you! 

Just LOOK at all the crystals just coming up out of the ground! >>
Experience A Local Crystal Mine's  Huge shop with crystals from
50 cents on up! 
Day 3 Experience
Purify in Sacred Crystal Infused Waters 
Swim in a Crystal Bottom Lake  
A GIANT CRYSTAL is the bottom of this lake, sacred to the  we will swim in! Purifying and cleansing in sacred crystal infused waters, experiencing sacred ritual, LightBody Healing and channeled guidance for those attending.
The Earth is inviting us to this amazing sacred place where the GIANT crystals in the ground are emitting a vibrational call to us to come, be attuned, re-aligned, cleansed in the sacred waters and mineral baths... and help these sacred crystals fulfill their mission in awakening humanity.
Arkansas and Brazil, the two greatest masses of quartz crystal on the Planet, and work in harmony to balance and awaken the poles of the Earth. 
After a morning of LightBody Healing practice, the first of Nan's Abundance Attunement Activations, and a yummy lunch we will head to our
PRIVATE Crystal Workshop & Crystal Grid Healings: "The Experiential Crystal Connection." You will also be able to shop at wholesale prices from this extensive collection.
Sacred swim in Crystal Lake “Ouchita”
Purification & Healing in the 
Sacred Crystal Bottomed Lake 
Crystal Island
Atlantis-Arkansas Crystal ABUNDANCE Attunement
Receive and assist in an “Atlantis-Arkansas Crystal Attunement” as we activate and reconnect the giant Master, Wisdom and Awakening Crystals in this land and water with the Crystal Temple in Atlantis. Experience a pontoon boat ride on the Sacred Crystal Lake “Ouchita” and explore the magical Crystal Island. (this is also sacred native american land to the Quapaw Indians, and the natural land and elements are FILLED with magic and ancient wisdom ready to be revealed for you)...

Crystals are sentient beings & Arkansas has some of the largest crystal beds in the world!
Afternoon Crystal Activity: PRIVATE Crystal Workshop & Crystal Grid Healings
"The Experiential Crystal Connection."

"The crystals and gems are magical Spirit Beings. If we wish to
know them, we must participate in their dance - merge with their
energies and allow them to flow through our light bodies."
Workshop & Crystal Grid Healings: In the Experiential Crystal Connection we will hear what Sabatina, an amazingly loving presence and an Angel of the Highest Order has to say about crystals. We'll go on an indigenous journey and experience the wonder of crystals "for the first time."
Day 4
LightBody Healing & Activations... Then Enjoy a Relaxing and Purifying Soak in 5 Different Mineral Baths & a STEAM CAVE!
Followed by a Dinner PARTY!
LightBody Healing Crystal Activation Retreat Includes Learning & Receiving & Practicing LightBody Healing Energy Essentials Including:   
LightBody Healing Essentials     
Energy Awakening & Alignment
Infinity Light Weaving + Gratitude Power Program
Instant Energetic Empowerment Immediately Begin to Change the Energies in Your home, Body, Mind, Workplace...

- Open Your Communication with Higher Selves, Unseen Realms & Give Love 
- EZ To use flush out, renew, heal, reconnect
- Practical to Implement into Daily Life, + Daily Routine
- Full Color Graphics of ILW Processes: Use with Your body and energy field, Use with your Guides and Angels, Use with Plants, animals, places, elements and more.
The Newest Energy Healing Tool for EZ Manifesting Health, Wealth & Happiness
"Practical AND Powerful!" - C.S.


- Raise your Energy Anytime! 
- Unclog Blocks (physical, emotional, mental, financial, karmic, transmute and renew
- Cleanse Chakras, subtle Bodies, energy channels
- Gain Clarity & Connection 
- Increase flow ($, energy..) 
- Flush out stuck, heavy energy - Reduce inflammation 
- Release overwhelm, fear, limiting beliefs, energy attachments and patterns that hold you back

"I can really see the benefits of these tools and of LightBody Healing. I'm excited for the future, this came into my life at the perfect time!" J. S.
"Since using Infinity Light Weaving, so much has changed, and I am no longer in anxiety. This morning I did the Infinity Light Weaving Tower Process... and afterwards I felt the energies moving in my body, subtly. I tested (using the LightBody School Vibrational Scale) and my 'rate' was at 200.

Then I did the "Gratitude Infusion" for about 10 minutes. When I looked up and looked around my room, the colors were a lot brighter and things seemed sharper - my eyesight improved!
My rate went up!
Love, Jermaine Simpson, Costa Rica & Canada
             "Because of the massive quartz crystal deposits and magnetic minerals of Arkansas, and presence of carbon crystal diamonds and radium-bearing waters, Arkansas was the perfect Earth-lab for crystal technology. Because of this mixture of minerals, the dimensional portals are more easily accessed in this area."
Mastering Rates & States
Learn the Scale of Vibrational Rates of Consciousness 
THE MOST POWERFUL MANIFESTING TOOL YOU NEVER KNEW... SEE why you don't Create or Keep what You Want and Where Your Energetic Attachments are.

Know your Vibrational RATE & Change Your Emotional STATE to  Accelerate Manifesting Money, Health, Love, Success, Clarity... 

Find the Blocks, Beliefs, Attachments AND Energy Knots that Prevent you from Creating the Life You Seek, the money you need, the love you long for.

Discover the Transformational Magic of the Acceptance Portal & The Gratitude Gate

Rewire Your Energy Guidance System and know how to unhook from low States and Reroute Your Energy Flow to your Optimal State

Discover Unserving
Energy Patterns 

- Energetic Attachments
- Energy Leaks
- Karmic Knots
- Limiting Beliefs
How to Release, Dissolve, Reclaim these Unserving Energy Patterns and Ultimately
Raise Your Vibration.

A Must Have Skill For Healing & Manifesting on Purpose 
YOUR OWN TRUTH... Imagine Knowing how to TEST Your Energetic Rate and being able to Change your State to Match what you WANT to Manifest.

Learn to TrustMuscle testing & Pendulum forms of energetically testing where you are on the consciousness scale 

See Why certain places and people drain your energy and HOW TO RAISE IT!

Discover your Soul Signature Frequency™ and how to realign with it

Uncover and Dissolve The STICKY ENERGIES (Like Family Guilt, Money Shame, Not Enoughness, Anxiety, Blame...) that Drain or Bind you and transmute them into love and power to help you grow. 
  • Experience Powerful Activations: Nan's powerful multidimensional activations go deep into your energy fields, past present or future, in any life, conscious or unconscious to free you from STUCK IMBALANCED ENERGIES and RESTORE  YOUR SOUL'S OPTIMAL FREQUENCIES into your LightBody, realigning you to your Soul Blueprint, Purpose and Bliss State
  • Download Energy Templates: Receive  Attunements and Vibrational Templates & Sacred Healing Symbols into your Field that you can Activate and Use again and again.
  •  Awaken: Awaken Your Ability to Sense, see, feel and direct energy within your bodies and in the world. 
  •  Accelerate and Awaken Your 360 Senses & Spherical Consciousness
  •  Awaken the Codes in Your DNA, Cells that align you with your Soul Purpose Blueprint & Soul Signature Frequency
  • Activate Your LightBody Structure Daily 
  •  Learn How to Work with the Subtle Conscious Unseen Realms & Energies & the Crystalline Consciousness
  •  Learn to Create & Work in The Infinity Healing Chamber 
  •  LightBody Healing Tune Up: Learn how to Run a LBH TuneUP Session 
  •  Play & Practice with Flow charts, Colorful Guides, Checklists and Vibrationally Encoded Full Color Graphics & Templates
  • LightBody Healing Cleanses: 
    Cosmic Cleanse, Mind-Eye Cleanse 
  • Energy Processes & Techniques: Learn how to do Infusions, Pulling, Flossing & Melting
  • Experience the Depth & Power of Vibrationally Encoded Visual Tools, with dozens of ways to use them everyday 
  •  Learn How to Use LBH Processes to: Bless & Recalibrate Your Food, Water, Vitamins, House, Plants, Land, Town, Car
Learn LightBody Healing Essentials Program   
From Module 5: Energy Remedies: Power Programs    
Multidimensional Vibrational Remedies
Power Programs are Vibrational Medicine.  Preprogrammed, EZ to Use Light Remedies The Many Layers Combine to Create 
their Own Unique Frequency & Benefits 
All Graphics, Images, Processes, Tools and Programs are Copyright BlissLife LLC  and
Duplication in any form allowed only with Licensing
Pre-designed, pre-programmed Multilayered Vibrational Remedies
  • Power Programs: Experience a Download Encoding and Attunement of Three Power Program templates into your LB. Encoded with a special RATE you can invoke and activate in healing, manifesting, cleansing 
  •  Power Programs give you Tools For speed and ease, pre-wired processes and pre-designed patterns that hold IMMENSE POWER. 
  •  Designed with the optimal vibrations and elements - like a software program that is already wired to do a specific task over and over without fail, these programs give you a ton of power
  • 3 Power Program Infusions included in this Retreat Include:
  •  Gratitude Infusion Power Program
  •  Acceptance Infusion Power Program
  •  Love Infusion Power Program
The Beautiful Ouachita Mountains and the Historic Town of Hot Springs... a National Park with a long History of Health and Natural Hot Springs
Many beautiful Inns and hotels as well as Air bnb rentals in all price ranges is available in this picturesque historic town. 
Want More Info on the Location, Travel, What's included...?
Email Donna
 Be Part of this Important Earth Wisdom Crystal Kingdom Activation 
in Arkansas. Learn & Receive LightBody & 
Crystal Healings & Activations in this Sacred Place
ALL NEW! The LightBody™ Healing ABUNDANCE Live Retreat in Hot Springs, Arkansas (near Hot Springs - ask about final location) 4 Full Days in the Crystal Vortex - Master Crystal Activation & Sacred Waters Purification
July 13-16, 2019 - If Your Soul Called you Here then you are Meant to Join this Mission, welcome XOXO

Day # 1 PRIVATE Crystal Workshop & Crystal Grid Healings

8 - 9 am LightBody Yoga for Abundance - morning awakening 1
LightBody Healing Training & Practice: Light Weaving, Acceptance, Alignment Activation
1 - 6pm PRIVATE Crystal Workshop & Crystal Grid Healings
We will begin the Day with Introducing you to LightBody Healing & Beginning our Abundance Attunement Process...
After Lunch we will go to a PRIVATE CRYSTAL COLLECTION for a workshop, Viewing, Shopping and Healing and Play with Crystal Grids of All Kinds! We will finish about 7pm 

Day # 2 Activating The Crystal Vortex  
LightBody Healing: Structure, TuneUP, Power Programs, Infinity Healing Chamber

8 - 9 am LightBody Yoga for Abundance - morning awakening 2
LightBody Healing Training & Practice: Abundance Process
LightBody Healings
4pm Experience Crystal Communication & Gathering Walk & Shop at a Crystal Mine Shop
Crystal Gathering Walk and Communication Attunement (Bring a bag to put the crystals you find in)
After a Day of LightBody Healing with Crystals - we will SHOP at the local Crystal Mine and Go for a Crystal Walk where you can gather them directly from the earth!! We will clear, cleanse and align our LightBodies and then go for a Crystal Gathering Walk. After tuning in and opening a channel to the Crystals in the ground that are there for you, you will connect with the land and gather.
We will finish between 7-8pm


8 - 9 am LightBody Yoga for Abundance - morning alignment 3
LightBody Healing Training & Practice: Abundance Process
LightBody Healings
CRYSTAL OUTING EXPERIENCE: Pontoon Boat on Crystal Lake, purifying swim, Atlantis Arkansas- ABUNDANCE Attunement 
Swim in a Crystal Bottom Lake under the full moon - We will finish late tonight... enjoying the FULL MOON and swimming at night in the warm lake...

Day # 4 LightBody Healing Final Attunments & Healings & HOT SPRINGS DAY!
8 - 9 am LightBody Yoga for Abundance - morning activation 4
LightBody Healing Training & Practice: Abundance Process
LightBody Healings
Afternoon: HOT SPRINGS DAY - Then Enjoy a Relaxing and Purifying Soak in 5 Different Mineral Baths & a STEAM CAVE!
Shop at some fun stores on the main avenue
Break and prepare for evening party Return to your rooms and rest and prepare for our Celebration Dinner PARTY!
6:30 - 10pm Final Crystal Consciousness Ceremony and Party & Crystal Readings (Dinner and drinks)

We will finish LATE! 

Schedule is Tentative and May Change Subject to Weather and other factors. Detailed Schedule will go out closer to the retreat dates. 

Purchase on Order Page by Selecting Your Payment Choice for the full expanded retreat - now 4 full days!

July 13-16, 2019, Hot Springs, Arkansas Crystal Vortex Live Workshop Schedule 
Request your Information Packet on travel, accomodations, what to bring, how to get here... 
Please Arrive no later than July 12 and leave no sooner than July 17, 2019. 
Roommates: If you would like to know about potential roommates to pair up with for accommodations, travel car rental etc, let us know. 
RETREAT LOCATION: Hot Springs, Arkansas 
RETREAT DATES: July 13-16, 2019
TRAVEL: Fly into Little Rock, Arkansas airport & Drive to Hot Springs (1 hour)

LightBody™ LIFE School 2019
LightBody Energy Healing Retreat
in The Quartz Crystal Capital of the World - Hot Springs, Arkansas - July 13-16, 2019.
The Crystal Vortex LightBody Healing Retreat Includes:
  •  4 Day LightBody Healing Crystal Vortex Workshop taught hands on by LightBody Creator Nan Akasha
  •  All 4 Lunches, one picnic and One Dinner Party
  • All fees and entrance tickets to excursions (Hot Springs + Steam Cave (if available), Crystal Workshop, Boat trip etc.)
  •  Crystal amplified Activations, healings and processes for acceptance, alignment, abundance
  •  LightBody Yoga Abundance Energy Routine
  •  Crystal Island Atlantean-Arkansas-Abundance Attunement
  •  LightBody Crystal Grid Healings 
  •  PRIVATE CRYSTAL COLLECTION - crystal workshop, Viewing, Shopping and Healing and Play with Crystal Grids not open to the public
  •  Full Color Handouts of LightBody tools and processes for this event 
  •  Online Membership Access to LightBody School activations, trainings and videos for Crystal Vortex Abundance Attunement 
  •  Access to the LightBody School Global Community and approx 8 Live Calls per year ($1000).
The Crystal Vortex LightBody Healing Retreat DOES NOT Include:
  •  Accommodations
  • Transportation to Hot Springs, Arkansas or to and from the venue each day 
  •  Meals (other than the lunches, picnic and one party)
  •  Crystals or other gifts
  •  Transportation to the daily outings will e by carpool, all sharing.
Optimal to Bring or Plan On
  • Walking Shoes & Bag to gather crystals
  • Swimsuit, sunscreen, bug spray, hat, towel, comfy clothes, journal, : Explain the benefit of your products
  • Snacks and food that you require for your health and vitality.
BONUS! Access to Infinity Light Weaving Course ($333 Value)
Lifetime Access to the LightBody School
membership site, trainings, activations and healing full color graphics 
What Is LightBody Healing?
LightBody Healing™ is a system for Creating Your Own Reality!
Returning to Your whole, Divine nature and understanding how everything is energy and how it flows, connects, creates and destroys by sensing, directing and balancing energy to  raising consciousness (vibrational rate), all to apply daily in life.

Using simple yet extremely powerful ascension attunement techniques that activate your entire energy field or LightBody™ Structure. Balancing and opening your energy to it's optimal flow.

This aligns your energy channels to your Soul Blueprint (purpose) & attunes you to your Soul Signature Frequency™ (your Soul’s OPTIMAL vibration for your health, wealth and purpose).  
This experience will accelerate your Spiritual Growth and Your Soul Connection
  • Accelerate your Personal Healing (PEMSF), Spiritual growth or wisdom
  •  Add Power, confidence and speed to your skills and Healing or Intuitive Abilities
  •  Tap into your Purpose & get Clarity on what to do next, Enjoy life more 
  •  Unlock and practice your Soul’s skills, ancient, new or future and create a BlissLife
  •  Uncover your natural Soul talents, unlock Light Languages and activate your crystal decoders so you can 'speak' to many levels of consciousness, and vibration.  
  •  Communicate more frequently, clearly and powerfully with your Divine guides
  •  Understand and Decipher the signals coming through to you.
  •  Experience the fastest most direct way to heal
Talk to Nan about this special Crystal LightBody Healing Activation Retreat
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See what our "Soul Family" (Students) says about Experiences with Nan!

Whoaa Nan these tools are AMAZING!!

So last night out of curiosity I tested my vibration and I was at 200. Then, something occured which I allowed to change my thinking and my attitude. Upon becoming conscious of this, I tested myself again and my vibration dropped down to 150! It changed that quickly!
This morning I did the flow chart and afterwards felt like my body was shaking subtly. I tested and I was at 200.
Then I did the gratitude infusion for about 10 minutes. When I looked up and looked around my room, the colors were a lot brighter and things seemed sharper - my eyesight improved!
I can really see the benefits of these tools and of Lightbody Healing. I'm excited for the future, this came into my life at the perfect time!
Thank you Nan for sharing this, and for giving me the opportunity to learn and use these life changing tools.
Jermaine SImpson

"Thank you so much, my life is changed completely from this course and your retreats.

This class was so powerful. The vibration of Acceptance! That’s huge!
I took time to write, immediately (even though my family usually is mad when I take time to myself). But this time I let go of my attachment to their reactions and wrote and talked with Thoth, and asked for my next step. The answer was beautiful. He told me to use my considerable skill at touching a (painful) memory to anchor a (lower) vibration and instead use a joyful or potent memory to anchor the vibration and state of my choosing.
Thoth told me to decide on a new state, that of loving kindness -- and to use that memory of embodying and flowing loving kindness to anchor it.

When I emerged, my daughter was very irritated. She snapped and complained and accused and argued. "I AM Loving Kindness," I said to myself. "I accept. I accept. I accept. " When I noticed an old story or reaction -- I felt it, in passing. And I heard Thoth saying to me again: use your intention and your focus to Decide on your new State. I just kept practicing my new mantras. In less than 10 minutes, she shifted completely, and we had a lovely evening together.
The weather is fine, here in the State of Loving Kindness ♡. Thank you so much, my life is changed completely from this course and your retreats." - Julie Ling

The healing helped me so much, I do not have any of the other issues others (with cancer) going through this has...

The healing helped me so much. I do the Infinity weave as much as I can and listening to the replay benefits me as well.
I am doing well with Chemo treatments and I am convinced it is because of all you and the Light Body healers are doing for me.
I do not have any of the other issues others going through this has and I am mentally positive, which I know helps my healing. I am grateful to each of you. Blessings.” -Karen Riordan
Still Undecided?

Click here to >Book an appointment to talk to Nan
OR Email to find a time that best suits you. 

Who Is Akasha (aka Nan) 
Founder of LightBody School & BlissLife Retreats?

"A Fairy Godmother..."

"I didn't want to live. Each breath was a painful reminder... my arms were empty, my heart in a million pieces, my daughter was dead. Then a book fell off a shelf into my arms... I opened it, and the light that kept me alive was revealed. I would not be here today if it were not for books. Stories of healing, hope and how to find your purpose in the dark pain of loss were my lifeline. Now I am on a mission to discover lightworkers, healers, and authors with stories that heal and the newest spiritual leaders who will take the reins from the Marianne Williamson's and Wayne Dyer's of the world."

Nan Akasha is a Powerful Intuitive Healer and teacher and Multi Dimensional Communicator who has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of what is blocking you. Called a "Cosmic Shaman, High Vibrational Healer and a Fairy Godmother in one", her Sacred Lightbody Work transcends healing and frees you to live your fully funded mission on your Soul's path. Nan's "Hogwarts for Adults" - The Mystic Arts Healing Academy trains LightBodyLightBody™ Healing Practitioners through a powerful Certification Course.

Using deep intuitive wisdom, she helps people through deep emotional transition and radical transformation. Nan has 28 years of mind, body, spirit, and money work, has built six businesses to the multi 6 & 7 Figure level and specializes in going deep to help you find your purpose, and then follow and prosper in your Bliss.

Nan is known as the “Secret Weapon” for breaking through any blocks by clients like Bob Doyle of the movie “The Secret”.  Nan’s intuitive “Xray Vision” can see your abundance, and purpose, and help you remove any obstacles to them, as well as reintegrate your Soul, and re-wire your mind and Spiritual Blueprint.

Nan Akasha is a born innovator, leading an emerging global movement to raise consciousness on the planet.  As co-founder of the award winning publishing and media house, BlissLife Press, Nan helps transformational authors start a movement, market their message, and attract media and readers, so they make a difference and grow a business aligned with their life mission. Sacred LightBody™ Healing Retreats -

As a spiritual teacher, energy worker and enlightened workshop leader she combines the practical and the spiritual... intuition and business, money and meaning. Drawing on her deep Shamanic training and "X-Ray Vision", her 30 years building businesses and her design and art background, she heads an international design and launch team with a fresh new style. This is why for over 10 years, Nan's clients have called her their "Fairy Godmother".

Featured in “Fast Company” magazine as a business leader to watch, Nan is author of seven #1 best selling books, one hundred thirty three audio programs, speaks on top stages and is passionate about combining purpose and philanthropy with healthy profits. "An event planner's dream" Nan brings "color, joy and her big heart" to the stage. Find Nan's books “Be Love”, “Already Rich: Secrets to Master Your Money Mind” and more like her course “Soul Channeling & FreeFlow Writing” at

Called once again to lead international retreats in sacred places like Egypt and at Mayan Pyramids, and to incorporate both lightbody work and healing with dolphins and sacred waters, Nan’s mission includes both virtual training and in person transformation.

You can enjoy Nan’s magic through her online courses, intuitive readings, meditations, books and one on one healing work, as well as in her global meditations and online community “Living the Light". You can find Nan's courses, like “Soul Channeling” or the international hit “Flip Your Rich Switch” with her signature High Income Hypnosis™ and Cosmic SHamanic Healings using LightBody™ Healings & Readings at

You can find Nan currently living the "Sandy Feet" lifestyle of a writer and free entrepreneur... a "BlissLife" - traveling the world - slowly. From the Mayan Riviera to the shores of Spain, Greece or Rio -  Nan is living life full out, spreading love and seeking the next transformational authors to launch with her Soulmate and co-founder Chris, while her beloved twins are on a college adventure.

LighBody Healing's FIRST LIVE Practitioners Training
2 Day Hands on Healing Intensive
July 10 and 11, 2019 in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA Quartz Crystal Capital of the World.
Just before the Crystal Vortex LBH Retreat, so you can attend both!
This is an INTENSIVE of 2 Solid Days (23 Hours) of HANDS ON HEALING and BEING HEALED.
  •  Two days practicing your LightBody Healing Energy Essentials tools and processes
  •  3 Nights room + 2 Days food INCLUDED
  •  Learn NEW, special advanced sessions, programs and processes ONLY taught in person!
  •  Real life experience! This is the fastest way to understand and master using LightBody Healing and if you want to charge for LBH, this live component must be completed.
  •  You will leave this intensive confident and ready to guide LightBody Healing Sessions (depending on where you are in the LBHEE program) either right away or typically within 6 months.
  •  Witness, receive and give real time LighBody Healing Sessions: Practice LBH tools and how to run sessions hands on. Watching Live sessions with me and one of the other practitioners-in-training will deepen your understanding of guiding a session and using the tools you have learned. Watching means you will experience the healing as well.
  •  Receiving a healing session from me or another Essentials Practitioner will give you a personal healing as well as a deeper understanding of receiving LBH and being the ‘subject” (client, animal, house, person, relationship, plant...).
  •  This increases your energy sensitivity and ability to perceive and direct it in real time for what is OPTIMAL AT THIS TIME FOR YOUR SUBJECT. Giving a live session with me there will accelerate your skills, understanding and confidence! Live “give/receive” work in a safe, loving space is the deepest healing of all.
  •  Receive 4 Online Classes and trainings to assist you in your LightBody Healing Practice. (All online trainings are recorded and are yours in your lifetime membership site). Topics are:
  • LBHP 1 - Running a LightBody Healing Session
  • LBHP 2 - LightBody Healing Hypnosis
  • LBHP 3 - Your LightBody Healing Council Advanced Ajna (EYE) Initiation - into The Mysteries of Isis.
  • LBHP 4 - LightBody Healing Business Structure
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